Kaskis’ sustainability

Taking responsibility is an essential part of Kaskis’ identity. We want to show that it is important to us through concrete actions. To do this, we collect ingredients by hands, buy our plates and dishes second hand and offer local food, and that is not all.

Recycling and the environment

Kaskis recycles biowaste, metal, paper and oil.

Empty beer bottles are moulded into new and unique water glasses for Kaskis by glass-blower Markus Aremo.

For cleaning our restaurant, ozonated water (H20 + 03) is used instead of chemicals, meaning detergent purchases and emissions are minimal.

Also, we practice voluntary carbon footprint compensation with our purchases.

Food and Drink

You won’t get bottled water from us, only filtered tap water. We have increased the number of vegetables served on our menu substantially.

We pride ourselves on our responsible supply chains: we source our ingredients directly from producers, from as close as possible, and in large quantities at once. But we also commit to our purchases. Avoiding waste and preserving ingredients play a large part in our food philosophy.

We operate in close synergy with our other restaurant, Kakolanruusu. We use all of our ingredients together, and their preservation plays a large part in this.

The future

Our future goals include having a certificate for sustainability and carbon-neutral subcontractors.

We work every day for the sustainability of Kaskis.